Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank you, Thread Rare!

Heartfelt thanks to Jill over at ThreadRare for including the aqua teardrops from my jewelry supply shop in her gorgeous treasury, which made an Etsy Front Page appearance.
Take a peek in her lovely hair accessory shop!

Thank you, Thread Rare!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My "Happy Neo-Victorian Christmas" Treasury

My treasury was featured on the front page of Etsy in early December.
Happy Neo-Victorian Christmas to all!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

AdornMe's Luscious Fare

Just wanted to give you some gorgeous things to look at from AdornMeJewelry. This artist has such creative and lovely things in her shop.

Browse and enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank you, Mary!

Mary, from maryjmaalouf, created this gorgeous sanguine treasury that appeared on the Etsy front page a few days ago. My sleepy little jewelry shop sold three pairs of earrings because of its appearance in Mary's treasury.

Thank you, Mary!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back from Summer Travels

Guess where we stopped on our trip?

Go ahead - just take a guess!

That's my oldest son, Noah.

Say hi, Noah!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Staging for Lively Photos

Every artist faces the challenge of her products looking "flat" in an online selling venue, especially artists whose work actually is flat. But every artist can use staging methods so that her photos take on more life and entice the shopper to look further.

With staging, you create an attractive setting and you instantly give the buyer a feel for how she might incorporate this into her home decor. Yes, you are selling your art, but ultimately, you are selling decor items for the home and anything you can do to plant "This would look great in my house!" into a shopper's mind, do it. The great thing about staging is that you do not need a magazine-ready house, just a magazine-ready corner. I recommend simple, yet evocative props. Even a cool shelf in an otherwise lived-in bathroom can be a great stage. Or the corner of a warm-wood side table by a window. You don't want it to be too busy, but you do want to show your art in an updated, homey setting.

Here is a listing from BlackEyedSusan that shows the "home decor staged" shot. She creates driftwood frames and her shop has much more movement, life and interest, now that she incorporates staging in to her listings. (Coming soon - more tips from this shop on how to liven up your shop and give it an inviting feel.) Susan's frames are indeed flat, but with this type of staging, her product photos take on life and intrigue.

SixUnderaTree sells wall decals, but doesn't take photos of just a decal on a wall. She sells a mood and and look, as well. It's basic advertising, really. But very well done here. Take a look at her entire shop. Every photo is a great lesson in staging.

BlissinaTeacup uses warm and inviting staging throughout her shop. Here is a lovely example of how she brings a flat item to life. Even though the item actually is flat in this shot, the photo itself is cozy and alive.

Try re-shooting some of your items, using these staging ideas. You will bring intrigue, warmth and more customers to your shop!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Etsy Artist of the Week

One artist that I have long admired is Cake Box Cookies. Her cookies look so delightful and delicious, I picture her in a happy pink apron (lined in lace, of course) dancing around her kitchen without a care in the world. Or perhaps she does indeed have a care, but looks at it from the bright side. That's what her cookies make me do, at least - look at life's little bright sides.

Thank you, Cake Box Cookies, for all of your charming and delicious creations.